Aug. 11, 1918 - Chaplain J. H. Rendall, Kenneth Square, Pa., 103rd Field Signal Battalion, 28th Infantry Division holding church services for the members of the battalion. Shells were continually whistling overhead during the service, Dravegny, France. Photo by Sgt. R. Nightingale, Signal Corps. National Archive photo 111-SC-23576.

Following the Division's return in 1945 from Europe to Camp Shelby, Mississippi, Maj. Gen. Norman D. Cota decided the Division should have a prayer. The Division Chaplin was at a loss as to what to write, so Lt. Col. William F. Train (USMA '31) tried his hand. Below is the result of Train's efforts, partially edited by Brig. Gen. Edmund D. Sebree, Assistant Division Commander.

Our Father, Creator of beauty and life
Spare this earth from wanton strife.
28th men, who through history long,
To thy Kingdom now belong,
Bless and abide with them there.

God in Heaven, Eternal Love,
Protect their homes with Grace from above;
Their loved ones, who Thy will endure,
Comfort their hearts, keep them secure,
Bless and abide with them here.

We, on earth, who await Thy call,
Help us to keep the Faith with all,
With banners high and hearts in line,
In Thy holy light the Keystone shine,
Bless and abide with us all.


During World War II, Train served as Executive Officer of the 109th Infantry Regiment under then Lt. Col. (late Lieutenant General) Daniel B. Strickler during the fighting in the Huertgen Forest. He was then assigned as executive officer of the 112th Infantry during the Ardennes batter and until May 1945 when he became Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3, a post he maintained until the division was demobilized. It was during this period he wrote the prayer and also supervised the preparation of the World War II Division history.

Following the War, Train held other prestigious posts, including Commandant of the U.S. Army War College. His last assignment was Commander First United State Army. Lt. Gen. William F. Train retired from the Army in 1967 after 41 years of in uniform. He was always proud of the 28th Infantry Division and his service with it.

Prayer history provided by:
William O. Hickok, 5th
Lieutenant Colonel, Inspector General
Pennsylvania Army National Guard
Division Historian