In the fall of 1944, MG Norman D. Cota, Division Commander, decided the Division should have its own march and song. He challenged the members of the Division Band to develop from which would be selected the official march. This contest was won by Sergeant Emil Raab who was a talented band member, before and after the war, he was a music professor and accomplished violinist. Raab retired to North Carolina.

In December 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge, the Band was placed on the line to defend the Division Headquarters at Wiltz, Luxembourg. In this action, for which the Band was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation, all but thirteen of sixty members were killed or captured. Of the thirteen, eleven were wounded. Sergeant Raab avoided capture and helped re-form a new band after the Ardennes campaign.

March history provided by:
William O. Hickok, 5th
Lieutenant Colonel, Inspector General
Pennsylvania Army National Guard
Division Historian
We're the 28th Men,
And we're out to fight again
For the good old U.S.A.
We're the Guys who know
Where to strike the blow
And you'll know just why
After we say:

Roll On, 28th
Roll On, set the pace,
Hold the banners high
And raise the cry,
"We're off to Victory!"
Let the Keystone shine
Right down the line
For all the world to see.
When we meet the foe
We'll let them know
We're Iron Infantry,
So, Roll On, 28th, Roll On!