Membership in the 28th Infantry Division Association is open to all who have served or supported the 28th Infantry Division. Specifically, to honorably discharged persons; active members of the Division; current or former members of attached units; spouses or family members of 28th Division veterans; and individuals or organizations who have an interest in the welfare of the Division.

Prominent individuals who are members or who have been members are the current Division Commander Andrew Schafer, former TAG Major General Wesley Craig, Major General Jessica Wright, Major General Nicholas P Kafklas, Major General Vernon James, Major General Harry Lavell, Major General Gerald Sajer, Major General Randall Marchi, Major General Walter Lord, Brigadier General Wilbur Wolf and other division commanders along with Command Sergeant Majors Richard L Fonner, Thomas Honkus, Christopher Kepner, John Jones and other senior enlisted personnel.

This is an opportunity to renew old friendships and make new ones. All it takes for you to become a member is complete the Membership Application Form and mail it and a check to the address on the form.

Or you can fill out our Online Membership Form and pay by credit card.
Might need the code for the online membership form. 

Membership Application